Rohan Dodda
June 25, 2024
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Colleges that Don't Require Essays for Admission

Written by
Rohan Dodda
North Carolina State

Why Some Colleges Don’t Require Essays

Whether you’re a student who dreads writing essays or you’re just someone who wants to cast a wider net for the college admission process, you’ve come to the right place. There are a variety of colleges that don’t require essays for undergraduate admission. Although some individuals tend to discount the quality of these schools and feel that they aren’t “up to par,” that is certainly not true. A lot of universities tend to not have essay policies for prospective applicants, primarily due to the fact that they want to increase their applicant pool, want to accept applicants based on a more quantitative-focused selection index, or they just want to save time for those on the admissions committee. If you’re a student who has a stellar quantitative focus (great grades and standardized test scores), there is a high chance that you would be a great candidate for universities that don’t look at essays for admission evaluation.

What Kind Of Students Benefit From a No-Essay Policy?

Some universities won’t make you fill out a separate application. Instead you will either get the option to apply when you submit your application for the university, and you will be considered for the honors college as well. At other times, on your acceptance letter, you will see that you’ve been admitted to the honors college. If you see the latter, you can typically accept or deny the acceptance in your application portal when you go to either accept or deny your spot at the university.

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Community Colleges and Small Liberal Arts Colleges (LAC)

If you’re someone who’s looking to pursue a trade, go to community college for two years and transfer to a four-year, or if you’re wanting to go to a school that has its own niche, you’re bound to find some schools that align with your goals. Most community colleges don’t have any essays for an application. Many students feel that this option is more viable as big community colleges have agreements with state universities (like Wake Tech - UNC Chapel Hill) that “almost” guarantee a transfer after two years. Students who want to save money or students who believe performed below par in high school use it as a chance to improve and go down the transfer pathway; however, please note that some careers like investment banking, big tech, or high finance require recruitment preparation and networking from day one of college. If any of these careers are in your purview, it may be better to evaluate other options. Lastly, many LACs don’t have essay requirements since they’re extremely niche and want to bring in a greater range of high quality applicants. If any of these pathways interests you, definitely look into no-essay options to save both time and money.

Other Notable Colleges that Don’t Require Essays for Admission

Other colleges that are known for not having essays yet good placements in different industries include, but are not limited to, the following:

-Arizona State University

-California State University

-University of South Florida

-Georgia State University

-University of Minnesota

Arizona State is known for a top tier engineering program as well as a steady pickup in finance recruitment, placing students at top firms like Apple, Microsoft, and Moelis. The University of Minnesota is also known for a beautiful campus, strong connections to engineering and finance firms in downtown Minneapolis and Saint Paul, and a rigorous curriculum that many employers strive for in candidates. Lastly, Georgia State University is known nationwide for an excellent teaching program, with placement rates above 90% for those who pursue teaching as their career. By understanding each school and what their main focus is regarding curriculum, career placements, and industry connections, it may be a good option to evaluate such options as long as the external factors all add up (cost, location, closeness to family, etc). In conclusion, depending on your needs, pathways, and finances, applying to colleges that have no-essays may save you a lot of time, effort, and money.

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