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Maximizing your College Visit at The University of Texas at Austin

Written by Leilani Garza, University of at Texas Austin, College Contact Counselor

Tips for making the most of campus visits and getting a feel for college life

To sign up for a group campus tour or to not sign up for a group campus tour, that is the question. When considering a university to attend, the topic of touring that university is sure to rise in conversation. How you go about pursuing a tour of the campus is vital to the process of choosing a university. 

The campus you select to attend is where you will be creating friendships and memories while you pursue academics for the next four years. So how should you plan your visit to The University of Texas at Austin? Here are three tips for touring, in my opinion, the best university in the Lone Star state.

  1. Pick your visiting format

UT Austin offers a few different formats that give you access in learning more about campus life. In-person Campus Tours are your best option if you are wanting a guided walking tour of campus with admitted and/or prospective students. Group tours are led by respectable student Texas Tour Guides who undergo training and live near the 40 Acres themselves. The new Rox, Duke and Danay Covert Admissions Welcome Center is your welcome destination located conveniently on the infamous Speedway yellow brick road in of the most popular libraries on campus. There are also in-person Info Sessions offered that you can attend if you choose to tour the campus on your own or have questions about a particular academic pathway or college. 

Virtual sessions are offered for you to learn more about different colleges and programs within UT Austin if you cannot make it to campus for an In-Person tour right away. The UT Austin Admissions’ website also offers an interactive Online Tour available wherever you are. Personally, I took a self-guided tour of UT Austin and watched interactive videos afterwards as well. I do highly suggest enrolling in an in-person Campus Tour once before moving to campus. Many students also record their own campus tour experience on Youtube, this can be helpful when looking for more perspective but cling to in-person Campus Tours as your first priority. More information here.

  1. Bring a family member, a friend, and your questions!

Deciding on a university is a big enough decision in itself, and it shouldn’t be tackled alone! Inviting a family member or a friend who you trust can help put the tour that you attend into perspective. They may have questions or thoughts that provoke you to really think about what your life would be like in Austin as a Texas Longhorn. Alongside that, prepare your own questions to bring to the tour! Jot down any questions you can think of prior to your tour in your Notes app (trust me, you might forget in all the chaos of touring) and have them ready to ask an Admissions assistant or Tour Guide. Many of your questions will be answered on the tour itself, but do not be afraid to ask about student support services, any specifics of an academic program or dorm, but also about traditions, the famous Taylor Swift class, Matthew McConaughey appearances and more. 

  1. Ask a current Longhorn!

Having a current Longhorn or alumni on speed dial may or may not be an option in your contact list. If you know of a UT Austin alumni or current student, reach out and ask them about their experience living on the 40 Acres. No one can share what it is like to be on campus better than a Longhorn or a former Longhorn. Utilize LinkedIn in a professional manner to find current students or recent grads who graduated from the program you are desiring to attend. Many Longhorns would be glad to help out and share their personal experiences while answering any lingering questions you may have. 

At a public ivy university where the acceptance rate is only decreasing, find support in utilizing all the resources the Office of Admissions offers and continue to be motivated by the fact that at UT Austin, what starts here changes the world.

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